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06/24/15 – Rosters Reset, Ready for 2015-16, Reminders about Requirements for Eligibility

June 24, 2015 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Welcome back for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Before any work begins for the 2015-16 year, a person in the school with Athletic Director level access must initialize rosters as detailed below before rosters can be updated and subsequently, rosters and statistics entered. Keep in mind that the online roster data forms the basis of your schools in-season roster, as well as both your school’s Title IX report and annual participation lists that are due in April. Many of these pieces will be repeated as individual emails over the coming days as a reminder.

Eligibility and Roster Requirement
No student is eligible to participate in a contest or scrimmage IN ANY SPORT if they are not currently listed on the school roster online. No other paper or electronic form may substitute. The roster requirement will continue to be enforced with administrative penalties including fines and other actions within the constraints of Bylaw 27.

Video Summary of Startup Procedure and Changes

  • Later this summer, when many requested changes are completed, Rob Catron our IT Director will send a link to a video describing changes for 2015-16. Until then, if you have data entry questions, feel free to contact him at the KHSAA at

2015-16 Principals Workshop, School Data and Title IX Seminars

Thanks to a very receptive membership, eight seminars have been tentatively scheduled to help assist our schools in understanding KHSAA bylaws, managing the various data requirements to ensure eligibility, and the core elements of the Annual Participation List and Title IX Reporting Requirement. These seminars will deal in great detail with the data system and the many requirements, including this year’s changes. Additional information,including registration information will be sent in the coming days:

  • August 25, 2015, Warren East HS, Bowling Green
  • August 27, 2015, KHSAA Offices, Lexington
  • September 3, 2015, Kentucky Dam Village Convention Center, Gilbertsville
  • September 17, 2015, Wolfe County HS, Campton
  • September 21, 2015, Boone County HS, Florence
  • September 22, 2015, East Carter HS, Grayson (tentative)
  • September 24, 2015, Oldham County HS, Buckner (tentative)
  • November 11, 2015, Valley HS, Louisville

Security of Login Information:

  • Athletic Directors and Principals: DO NOT give someone else access to your login credentials. If you need to create additional users, you may do that through secure system by logging in to 
  • DO NOT allow individuals within your school or school system to share credentials. As an athletic director level user (just as your Principal, Superintendent and other district level administrators), you have privileges within the system that are unique to your level and should not be given to those with only single sport needs. If you have trouble executing this step, please contact Rob Catron or a member of the support staff at the KHSAA.

Changes Made During Season Transition from 2014-15 to 2015-16

  • Roster Database from 2014-2015 was archived. No other changes to those rosters are permitted.
  • Players with graduating class of 2016 are now considered “seniors”, and all other classes were incremented by one for promotion
  • 2015 seniors were removed.
  • All player assignments to teams for the varsity level were left intact. This was a request of the feedback from the membership.
  • All Freshman and JV team assignments for individual players were removed and those rosters at those levels are empty.
  • The postseason roster designations were removed. These will again be controlled by the users as the season approaches postseason playoff.
  • The “initialized” flag for each school was reset, meaning that someone with AD level access will have to “initialize” their schools roster database before rosters can be edited.
  • Team photos have been archived and are empty, however, team logos remain as uploaded. All should be checked for accuracy.

Steps to Initialize Your Rosters for 2015-16

  • At each member school, someone with Athletic Director level access will need to initialize your Overall Athletic Roster for this school year. The instructions are posted at the top of your school’s Overall Athletic Roster page, but we have listed them in this document for your convenience.

Initialization Instructions:

  1. Log into the KHSAA Online system (you must have AD or higher access)
  2. Click on the “Manage Overall Athletic Roster (Principal/AD/Supt Only)” link.
  3. Review your athlete list.
  4. You will need to remove any athletes that are no longer at your school or that you know at this time will not be on the list of competitors. Keep in mind that doing this now at the start, and keeping it up to date throughout the year, will help later when you do Title IX and Participation list work. However, also know that the system is flexible enough to allow for the addition of players who come out late for teams and for removing from the active roster, those that decide to leave the team.
  5. Correct any missing data shown in red. Required fields include the first promotion from grade eight and gender.
  6. When you’re done with this review, check the box at the bottom on the page and click “Continue”.
  • As a refresher for veteran Athletic Directors, and training for new Athletic Directors, please take a few minutes to view the training videos that are on our site that describe how to update and maintain your Overall Athletic Roster.
  • There are several videos at that will help ADs with the system, and coaches, if the AD gives them access.

Determining Who Can Enter/Edit Rosters

  • Be mindful that ADs can allow the coaches to enter/edit rosters, or can secure the system to where only specific individuals may enter/edit. This needs to be a school decision.
  • Following the review of last year’s system, it is without question our recommendation that the athletic administration handle all roster related duties. Based on the experiences with this system over the last several years, you at the athletic administrator can think of roster duty as “do it now” or “fix what someone else messed up later”.
  • If you are at a school at which you want coaches to enter/edit their own rosters you must first tell the system that they can (by default, the system is set to not allow coaches to enter rosters).  If you wish to allow head coaches to enter/edit rosters, you need to navigate to your “Update Member School Information (non-personnel)” page (direct link and place a check mark in the “Head Coach Can Enter Rosters” column next to the sport or sports that you want to allow coaches to edit.  When you are finished, save changes.  Note that you can revoke a coach’s ability to enter/edit rosters at anytime throughout the season, which may be beneficial should you wish them to be able to enter/edit rosters at the beginning of the season, but not during the season or at postseason.
  • We recommend that all coaches review the videos that were created specifically for their roster entry page if you are going to permit them to enter. That direct link is available on the school login site at However, remember that until you complete the steps above, no one has access to the roster data.

Thanks for all of your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact our Information  Technology Director, Rob Catron, who would be glad to help you with this and other processes and make your work as an Athletic Director level user easier.


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