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07/23/14 – Bylaw 6 Transfer Form Reminder

July 23, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As part of the recently approved changes to the Bylaws that have been given final legislative approval, Bylaw 6 has been revised to reflect the past action of the Delegate Assembly and these revisions change the period of ineligibility for students who had previously played varsity athletics after being in grade nine (9). A student who has played varsity after being in grade nine (9) and then transfers to another school was previously ineligible in all levels of all sports for one calendar year from the date of enrollment. Under the newly approved changes to Bylaw 6, the student is now ineligible for one calendar year from the date of his/her last varsity participation.

In certain cases, because this information is required to be submitted on the receiving school portion of the transfer form, this will require additional research on the part of the receiving school to determine the accurate information. To date, the office has received several transfer forms that are missing this information.

Transfer forms that do not include an exact date of last varsity participation (Question 32 on page 5 from the sending school portion of the form) can’t be processed for a ruling.  Please assist our office and make sure the sending school completes all information. The form will be revised in the near future to also ask for the information on the receiving school portion (for convenience). Please remember to include an accurate date on line 32 of page 5 of the form. For example:  May, 2013 would not be acceptable, but May 14, 2013 would be acceptable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the ruling officers on Bylaw 6, Assistant Commissioner Darren Bilberry who handles domestic transfers for schools in Regions 1 through 8, or Associate Commissioner Butch Cope who handles domestic transfers from Regions 9 through 16 with any questions.


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