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07/25/14 – July, 2014 Board of Control Meeting Review

July 25, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The following is a review of the items discussed at the July, 2014 KHSAA Board of Control Meeting and the status of those issues. The Board meets six times per year, and each time, the membership will be updated as far as actions by the Board. While many of them attempt to communicate with you on a regular basis, I also want the schools informed of a consistent summary. All documents related to this meeting can be found online at

BOARD MEETING – July 14, 2014

Following the completion of the required orientation for new Board members, the Board meeting began with a discussion about the Board’s operational format. Following the discussion, the Board voted to suspend the use of separate committees for Board action (with the exception of an Executive and Audit/Finance Committee) and use a work session format where assurances can be made that all regions will be represented on all of the discussions.

The Board then discussed items and issues related to Individual Sports. The sole subject was the discussion of the Swimming realignment study. Following discussion, the Board voted to direct staff to bring back to the Board a proposal for alignment in swimming that will help with the mid-winter travel issues related to the regional meets while keeping the number of state qualifiers for each event at 24.

Discussion then turned to Team Sports issues. The Board had discussions related to the following issues and reached the following conclusions:

  • Following discussion, uphold the appeal of Hazard High School and place them in in District 8. The Board also directed the Commissioner to bring back to the Board possible revisions to the Board policies on alignments to prevent this type of issue in the future.
  • The Board then had a lengthy discussion regarding the Fastpitch softball state tournament. Two incidents that occurred during the tournament will provide focus points for offseason training of umpires, changes in the assigning of the state tournament umpires, and a complete facility review of the tournament for later consideration by the Board of Control.
  • The next item discussed and approved was a recommendation from the Commissioner and from the Kentucky Medical Association that the Board recommend that girls participating in fastpitch softball and playing the positions of first base, third base or pitcher utilize the rules book allowances that permit face protection to be worn. Much data was provided to show the necessity of this rule and staff will continue to pursue this change on a national level. 
  • The next item approved was consideration of the state championship soccer games. Previously awarded to the Fayette County Schools for 2014, the games will be played at Henry Clay but will be moved if Henry Clay participates. The first round games will be played at Henry Clay and Tates Creek.
  • Other items discussed without final action included an update on the status of Field Hockey, including 2015 season revisions, and additional fastpitch softball discussion.

The Board as part of its consent agenda, approved the following reports:

  • The minutes from the May, 2014 Board of Control meeting;
  • The Transfer Reports from July 1 to June 30;
  • The Appeals Report from July 1 to June 30; and
  • The report of other school eligibility rulings from July 1 to June 30.

The Board as part of its reports of Board Business, approved the following reports:

  • The Cash Disbursements from May 1 to June 30;
  • The Income Statement from July 1 to June 30;
  • The General Ledger Report from July 1 to June 30;
  • An in-depth report on all KHSAA corporate partners;

In other items, the Board considered and approved:

  • A report from the staff and Board of Control members who attended the NFHS Summer Conference. The report was comprehensive about all of the seminars attended and the list of best practices and suggestions gleaned from the meeting;
  • Approved a three-year contract with Hicks and Associates, a Lexington firm specializing in audits of 501(c)3 organizations, to conduct the Association audit for 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17;
  • Approved a change in Board policy to where no in-person rules clinics will be conducted in any sport or sport-activity and all coaches and officials would be required to view the electronic version if an electronic copy is provided. Along with that policy, the Commissioner would continue to stress the availability of himself and of staff to various conferences of updates about the KHSAA;
  • Support the imposition and application of the fine schedule penalties for late rosters, late pictures, failure to submit statistics and other data with first infractions being reprimand followed by penalty;
  • Revised the complimentary ticket policy for former Board of Control to permit a complimentary ticket for each former Board member who purchases one ticket, and a maximum for two complimentary tickets for former Board members purchasing at least two tickets;
  • Had a lengthy discussion about the annual financial aid survey and directed staff to seek clarification from specific schools about selected responses, and return results of the follow-up at the September meeting;
  • Heard a report about the Annual submission of Title IX reports and Annual Participation reports
  • Heard a report from the Commissioner about the appointment of a Task Force to conduct a length study about the length and limits of the seasons, and allowances for off season play and the Dead Period.

The next meeting will be held in September.



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