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08/08/19 – Reminder about Schedules, Stats Collection Requirement and Renewed Penalties for Noncompliance

August 8, 2019 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Entering the 2019-20 academic year, the Association will have an increased emphasis on the collection of statistical data in its team sports and the requirement of member schools to submit information in a timely manner. During the course of the 2018-19 season, enhancements were made to the Association’s statistical entry software at a significant cost, including the addition of volleyball, field hockey, baseball and softball.

As further enhancements are rolled out in the coming weeks and months, the requirement of member schools to submit their information will be more stringently enforced. As has been the case for several years, statistical entry is required of all member schools, and those failing to meet the requirement to enter stats have long been subject to penalties within the constraints of Bylaw 27. For 2019-20, these penalties will involve fines levied for failure to submit statistics, with the first application of these sanctions to occur during the latter weeks of each season.

Statistical entry has the benefit of allowing member schools to highlight and promote the accomplishments of their student-athletes, which should be a priority for all involved in school-based sports. This program is a tremendous benefit to the student-athletes participating and also provides tremendous public support for these offerings within the school. Member schools failing to enter their data do a disservice to their student-athletes and create a competitive imbalance for those that do participate, as these statistics are widely used by participating coaches.

In addition, the KHSAA/ Scoreboard is provided as a service to schools, student-athletes, media members and the general public. The most frequent complaint we hear from the media, general public and our own membership is that the scoreboard contains inaccurate schedules and rosters, as this is often the tool the media uses to cover your programs and this information provides tremendous promotional benefit to your students and school community. It is the responsibility of each school to keep their schedules and rosters current and accurate throughout the year.

At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to review the schedules and rosters for your fall teams on the KHSAA/ Scoreboard and make sure they are up-to-date, including jersey numbers and positions for varsity student-athletes.

Once a score is reported from a contest, coaches can enter statistics by going to and clicking on the Enter/Edit Varsity Team Statistics link under the Schedule and Statistics Entry sub-header. Statistical leader reports will be compiled daily throughout the regular season and will be updated at approximately 3 a.m. each morning on the KHSAA website. If a school or individual is omitted from the statistical leader report, or information is not updated, that means the team in question did not update its statistics through the KHSAA’s online system prior to the deadline.

Please keep in mind a few other items related to statistical entry:

  • Individual game stats should be entered within forty-eight (48) hours of completion;
  • A two-game allowance is afforded when the stat leaders report is generated (one game in football). Any team with stats missing for more than two games at the time the report is generated is subject to penalties per Bylaw 27;
  • The statistics requested are not comprehensive by any means, but should be submitted completely. At the very minimum, a school should enter the stats recorded by the official scorekeeper if more detailed stats are not kept. Individual game stats are then aggregated for season totals;
  • Only submission via will be accepted. Stats must be entered through the online system by clicking on the stat entry links after logging in to the school subdomain. While we realize that many are using a variety of other software packages and applications, there is no practical way to consolidate data entry and therefore entry on the KHSAA site is required regardless of the use of other platforms;
  • Any tournaments or out-of-state opponents that need to be added to the scheduling system should be sent to in advance of the event or as soon as possible after the contest for sports like volleyball where opponents may change during the event. Make sure to include all pertinent details for events (name, dates, location, etc.) and the full name (city, state) of any new opponents;
  • Statistics may be entered by the head coach as designated in the school management system, any coach assigned head coach data privileges within the system, any user with Athletic Director privilege within the system, or those specifically listed with statistics access. Feel free to contact Joe Angolia ( if you have stats questions, or Rob Catron ( if you have technical issues.

We appreciate your cooperation and compliance.


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