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08/06/14 – Reminders and Updates – Online roster system

August 6, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Based on the number of calls that we have received concerning the start of the school year roster initialization and the eligibility and roster requirement, we wanted to send a brief clarification. Please contact IT Director Rob Catron ( at the KHSAA if you have specific questions. 

First, concerning the Initilization of your schools overall athlete list (Manage Overall Athletic Roster – direct link: The two most common questions that we have received:

  • I have students on this list master list that are not currently participating in a sport – should I remove them; otherwise, won’t it affect my Title IX counts if I don’t? ANSWER: No, it is not necessary, nor recommended that you remove students from your overall athlete list that are not currently playing sports. They may choose to play a sport later in their high school career (or even later in this school year in a different sport season). Unless they are assigned to an actual team roster (or rosters) they will not effect your Title IX counts.

You should only remove a student athlete from this list if:

  • There is a duplicate
  • You know for certain that they are no longer at your school. 

Remember, every year, during the summer, the KHSAA will roll their grade level and remove your seniors from the previous year.

  • When do I have to have my team rosters filled out? ANSWER: Per the blog post from July 22, 07/22/14 – ROSTERS RESET, READY FOR 2014-15, REMINDERS ABOUT REQUIREMENTS FOR ELIGIBILITY “No student is eligible to participate in a contest or scrimmage IN ANY SPORT if they are not currently listed on the school team roster online. No other paper or electronic form may substitute. Beginning with 2014-2015, the roster requirement will be enforced with administrative penalties including fines and other actions within the constraints of Bylaw 27.”

It is recommended that you review the following two blog posts in detail for further explanation of procedures:

07/22/14 – Rosters Reset, Ready for 2014-15, Reminders about Requirements for Eligibility


07/27/14 – Welcome Back to all Member Schools


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