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08/10/13 – NOCSAE Position Statement Revised Again Helmet Attachments, Clarification for Coaches and Officials

August 10, 2013 Athletic Department Blog Updates


NOCSAE, National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, has again revised its position statement regarding Helmet Attachments. The complete position statement is located on their web site, and available  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LATEST POSITION STATEMENT FROM NOCSAE.

Neither the KHSAA, not the NFHS tests football helmets. As such, we cannot make an evaluation concerning any claim made about a product that is added to the helmet or its usage.

However, the KHSAA does strictly adhere to the NFHS playing rules. NFHS playing rule 1-5-3(9) clearly states that any piece of equipment is illegal if not worn as intended by the manufacturer. It is the obligation of the helmet manufacturer to indicate to the member school IN WRITING that a specific helmet attachment is being worn as intended by the manufacturer if such equipment is worn. If such written verification is received, it should be presented to the officials during the pregame conference. Absent such written verification, such add-ons and other additions to helmets (specifically the helmet shell) may not be worn during competition.

This does NOT imply that any specific chin strap is not legal, even if a replacement for original equipment. Coaches should be mindful of the fact however that if a strap alters the fit of the helmet from its original fitting, it becomes an illegal helmet per NFHS rule 1-5-3(9).

Contact your helmet manufacturer with questions.



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