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08/28/17 – Reminders about Required Title IX Student Interest Survey During 2017-18, KHSAA Assistance Available

August 28, 2017 Athletic Department Blog Updates


For all KHSAA member schools, 2017-2018 is the year for the biennial student interest survey related to Title IX. None of the basic survey requirements have changed, as you are to survey your students in grades 9 through 11, as well as the identified 8th graders within the feeder pattern of your school system. Only minimal changes have been made to the survey instrument, KHSAA Form T61.

T61 Student Interest Survey Assistance is now available as a membership benefit from the KHSAA. If you have specific questions about the survey requirement or other Title IX specific information, contact Assistant Commissioner Darren Bilberry at the KHSAA at 859-299-5472 or via email at If you desire the KHSAA to setup and tabulate your survey for you via our electronic system and need assistance, contact Information Technology Director Rob Catron via email at to request your survey.

The required target response rate for survey validity remains at 80%.  Please note that the online annual Title IX report entry form (T63) will not accept any response rate less than 80%.

As in the past, we are pleased to be able to offer you assistance with the distribution of the survey, as well as tabulation. We have established a procedure whereby if you request for us to provide your survey, we will create a custom link using the web site.

You simply provide your starting and ending dates (ending no later than April 18, 2018), and our staff will provide you a link to distribute to your students. This eliminates your need to distribute paper T61 forms and compile paper results. At the end of your survey window, we will then provide you with final tabulated results in an Excel workbook – eliminating your need to calculate responses and allowing you to enter your totals directly into your Title IX report’s T63 form.

To request our office to do your survey link, email Rob Catron at

Since the Title IX surveys are not tied to the automated data system, you are not required to use this electronic system for the surveys, but it fulfills a commitment we made to the athletic administrators in this state to provide the service.

If you decide to administer the survey via paper or using your own methods, or use the paper survey to form the basis of an electronic survey that your school creates, note that the survey has been revised for the 2017-2018 school year due to the addition of Dance as a sanctioned KHSAA Sport Activity in the Fall.

The updated T61 survey is located on our main website, in the “Title IX Education” section of the “Special Programs” menu (direct link:  Please use this as your sole source for your paper survey or the source for the creation of your school’s own electronic survey if your school has created your own electronic survey to administer to your students in the past.

Thank you very much and please advise our office if you need assistance.


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