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10/21/14-Information from American Sports Builders, RE: Crumb Rubber

October 21, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The following information was provided to the KHSAA by representatives of the NFHS in Indianapolis. This is provided for your information.



ASBA Response to NBC National News Story on Health Effects of Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf

Last week a story aired on The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and on the Today Show concerning a potential connection between crumb rubber and higher rates of Cancer in soccer goalkeepers. Click here to view a video of that story. 

ASBA has relied on and will continue to rely on research of manufacturers and suppliers of these products and independent researchers. The overwhelming weight of the existing research indicates that these products are safe for use, which is consistent with the conclusions of the large numbers of governmental bodies that have considered the issue.  In the absence of further scientific evidence on the issue, ASBA will continue to rely on these sources of information.

We wanted to make you aware of this news story, should you be contacted by your customers or local press.

We have issued a brief statement on the ASBA position which is posted on our website (click here to view). Anyone seeking additional information on the studies that have been conduct ( ed on the health effects of crumb rubber, can visit the STC website at 


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