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11/02/17- First Phase (T35 Report) Open for Title IX Reporting Entry for 2017-18

November 2, 2017 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The initial phase of entry for the 2017-2018 Title IX Reports, the ability to enter the financial information from 2016-17 to be entered on the form T-35, is available and online at There have only minimal changes based on the great cooperation and feedback from the membership.


There has been a continual effort to eliminate inconsistent information that has been entered on that form and the following points are emphasized:

  • Entry for the T35 is now open. Login to and begin entry when you are ready.
  • The T35 requires you to enter 2016-2017 expense information (as it has been audited within your district) but will pulls the coaching counts from your current listings. The use of the current year on coaches allows for you to self-audit your data and ensure all of your coaches have been properly entered. It is recognized that for brand new offerings, you ma, in fact,  have coach data without budget data (or the reverse if you have dropped programs), but using this combination of data allows for you to be the most accurate in your reporting.
  • If you have coaching hires not yet made for the spring sports of 2018, you should delay submitting that form until those hirings are final.
  • The 2017-18 fall sport coaching counts for the form were taken based on roster information as of last week. You can feel free to edit if you have staff changes coming without altering your reports.
  • Please understand that the coaching total column has absolutely no bearing on Title IX compliance. This is simply a mathematical count from your coach listings so that you can check your entries. The column totals have three numbers. The first number will be the total number of coaches in the sport according to your roster, using double and triple counting. i.e., if coach Jones coaches JV, freshman and varsity, he will count as 3 in this count. The second number will be the total number of individuals coaching the sport, NOT using double and triple counting. So in the above example, Jones would count as 1. The third is the number of levels you show (Freshman, JV, Varsity). This column is not a definitive conclusion about Title IX compliance, but rather a snap shot in time. In order to do a thorough analysis under Title IX, you would have to look at each program and see how it is managed. Are all practices together? Are all games together? Is separate instruction included for the different levels? It is very possible that in one sport, the more accurate number is the number of individuals because they coach all the levels at the same time all the time, while other sports might be more accurately counted by double and triple counting due to separate practice sessions, games, etc. There is no right or wrong method, so both are provided for your analysis.
  • The T35 is to be entered with all KHSAA sanctioned championship sport and sport activities being listed, as well as Lacrosse and Marksmanship (Rifle Marksmanship) information. Lacrosse is listed due to the number of schools that have reported information in the past, and Marksmanship is listed due to the survey response from the last triennial survey and the ongoing efforts to determine interest.
  • The T35 entries for Archery, Bass Fishing and Marksmanship have again been consolidated and will not be requested by gender. The VAST majority of our schools do not separate expenses in these activities by gender. Simply report category totals and enter on the form for these three activities and do not attempt to allocate or divide. There will obviously be other changes to the forms this spring to reflect this consolidation.


  • This is the year for the statewide Form T61 for student interest surveys. All members must do the survey. Please see for details. If your school desires to have the KHSAA use its resources to conduct the survey, please contact Rob Catron on our staff for assistance. The KHSAA will be happy to manage and compile your surveys. Rob Catron will be happy to create an online Survey Monkey survey which you can administer to your students.  If you wish to do so, please sign up for that survey, contact Rob at 

More information regarding completion of these reports will be forthcoming, but it is important to give the membership a head start to get the T35 data accurately entered. 


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