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11/03/15 – Grant Funding Opportunity for Athletic Training – Secondary Schools

November 3, 2015 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has long recommended and continues to recommend, that medical coverage be present at all athletic practices and contests. Because of the unique skill set of Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainers it is recommended that one of these individuals be present at all practices and contests. It is also strongly recommended that the member schools utilize only Certified/Licensed Trainers per the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, and not members of any other vocation making this claim but without this legal designation. While acknowledging the expense of provided a certified/licensed trainer, it is nonetheless noted that this shall be an integral part of your athletic planning process.

Athletic trainers are critical to the health and safety of high school athletes; yet, too many schools have limited or no access to athletic trainers.

According to a recent benchmark study, just over one-third of every high school in the United States has at least one full-time athletic trainer.

  • 70 percent of U.S. public high schools have athletic training (AT) services
  • Only 37 percent have full-time athletic trainers

A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that the presence of athletic trainers can have a significant positive impact on student-athlete health, resulting in lower injury rates, improved diagnosis and return-to-play decisions for concussion and other injuries, and fewer recurrent injuries.

The NFL Foundation, National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), Gatorade and Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) have teamed up to help change this reality by launching the Athletic Trainer Initiative.

The Athletic Trainer Initiative gives high schools across the country an opportunity to receive funding for athletic trainers (AT) to help ensure the safety of their youth athletes.
15 high schools will be awarded $50K as well as significant resources, product, equipment and more to support the establishment or expansion of an AT program at their high school.

10 high schools will be offered the opportunity to have an athlete safety presentation at their school and receive an “Athlete Safety Starter Kit,” including resources and tools to help empower the community to advocate for better youth athlete care.

For more information on the Athletic Trainer Initiative, visit

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