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11/18/16- Board of Control Referendum to the Membership – Bylaw 23

November 18, 2016 Athletic Department Blog Updates


At its November meeting, the Board of Control gave final approval to the distribution of a referendum of the membership for the purpose of amending Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons. At the September annual meeting of the membership, there was a proposal discussed (that subsequently did not pass) that at its core, required that all participants in an open gym be restricted to enrolled students in the member school feeder pattern or present with permission. That proposal contained a variety of aspects and issues and the discussion led to a lack of clarity among the delegates, and ultimately, the resultant vote.

The overwhelming feedback from the schools both at the meeting and afterward was an approval of closing down the restrictions on open gym as a means of addressing perceived (or real) issues with recruiting (undue influence) and transfers for athletic advantage following participation in such activities. The rationale is straight forward and intended to address concerns many member schools have addressed to Board of Control members during the last year or more regarding these sessions.

The Board has approved a pair of referendum items for your consideration. The first issue would address the situation during the school year, and the second addresses the issue during the summer prior to school resuming. The details of the issues are available on both the public and member schools only page. On the public site, the wording of the referendum issues is available by going to

To vote, schools representatives must login to the member schools only page. If you have MULTIPLE ROLES (coach, AD, etc.) you must be logged is as either the Principal or Designated Representative as only those individuals are eligible to voe. If you are the Principal or Designated Representative but don’t see the elections option, you should be able to click “change login role” at the top and select Designated Representative. The system will ensure each school receives only one vote. In the left-hand column of options on the member school page (, select “Board Of Control Election/School Referendum Operations”, then select “Cast a Ballot in Board of Control Elections”. If you are properly logged in, you will see the two elections.

The deadline for the submission of the ballot is December 16, 2016. Thank you in advance for your participation. 


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