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1/15/13 – Singles Bowlers Welcome and Bowling Regional Information

January 15, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This is important information for all schools to read as we have had an incident where a student tried to enter themselves into the postseason bowling tournament without his school’s knowledge.  With the addition of singles only entries, we have seen and continue to see more schools offer bowling.  Participation is a good thing, but with it comes responsibility and rules that need to be met.

If a school has a student that would like to participate as a singles competitor, and the school agrees to sponsor them, then the following should be observed:

A school must designate a coach.  That coach must meet all of the requirements in Bylaw 25 (including sports safety, online rules clinic, etc). If a school is adding a new coach now who needs the rules clinic, contact Angela Passafiume at with the coach’s name once the AD has entered them as a coach on your school’s page.

The school must approve the participant and contact the regional manager for entry information and requirements – AND/OR contact Angela Passafiume to confirm which region their school will be placed.

Team Competition reminders include:

Reminding schools that the formats for team and singles competition are located in the Bowling Competition Rules – Competition Rules –Bowling.  The formats in which you have been playing during the regular season, may or may not be the same format used in the postseason.  Please be sure that coaches have read over these rules and ask questions about the format ahead of time.

There is no longer a “coed” team.  If a team has at least one male on the team that team is considered a boys team.

A school may enter only one team in the girls competition and one team in the boys competition.  

Regional Information –

Please be sure to double check the regional alignment, especially if you have a team, to be sure that your school is listed – Current Alignment of Teams

The following link contains all the information you need to contact your regional manager

School Instructions –

All other postseason material has been updated on the website bowling page –

Please contact me or your regional manager with any questions you have or items that were not addressed.

Good luck to all schools as we approach the bowling postseason. We hope to see you all at the Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling State Championship.


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