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06/19/13 – Boys Basketball Exemption Application

June 18, 2013 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Bylaw 9 prohibits student-athletes who have been enrolled in grade nine who then play for a school from participating in outside organized competition from the first day of school through the end of the postseason. Instructional clinics and classroom sessions, as well as individualized instruction remain permissible as only the competition aspect is restricted by the rule. Keep in mind that student-athletes who have been enrolled in grade nine (9) and THEN have participated representing as school at any level are impacted by this rule, but not those ninth graders that have yet to participate after enrolling in grade nine (9).

This rule, which applies solely to basketball and football, has an exception built-in for girls by the Board of Control, allowing one weekend (Friday through Sunday) where previously affected girls’ basketball players can attend and participate in organized play.  For 2013-2014, the weekend that is exempt for the girls’ basketball players who would otherwise be subject to this restriction in Bylaw 9 will be released by the NCAA in August. Therefore, girls may attend events during the published weekend even if those events involve organized competition.

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Board of Control discussed the disparity between the allowance for the girls and the lack of an allowance for the boys. Though the exception was originally granted as a means to give the girls participants some semblance of equity compared to the boy’s April period, that April period allowance for boys has now been sunset by the NCAA. Rather than delete the opportunity for females, the Board of Control concurred with the Commissioner’s recommendation to allow the same option for boys.

If you have a boys’ basketball player desiring this opportunity, it MUST be requested in advance. To make such a request, go to and submit the request. If your request is approved, you will receive follow up communication from the office.

THERE IS NO NEED TO REQUEST AN EXEMPTION FOR THE GIRLS. If you have questions, contact Assistant Commissioner Angela Passafiume at the KHSAA.


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