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5/14/12 – Annual Participation List Due May 30

May 14, 2012 Athletic Department Blog Updates



The KHSAA has completed the final development of the electronic participation list submission. This task, which used to take hours for some to compile and is required of each school each year, should just be a couple of clicks away for all of our schools with the exception of the eight to ten who only enroll one sex and therefore haven’t had the “pleasure” of completing the Title IX reports. The reports cannot be submitted manually and must be submitted using the online system.

For those who have completed and submitted all elements of the Title IX report, your data may need a final review, especially related to cheer, and then you should be perfectly ready to go. From our experience with the beta testers, there were some who didn’t keep a good cheer roster during the year (which is required for the participation list but not included in any Title IX counts). It is important that you get all of your cheerleaders who participate in competition cheer listed on this list to ensure proper insurance provisions. Our software will not count them toward any Title IX counts.

The help instruction videos that our IT director Rob Catron has done are at , with a link on the school subdomain login page. If you need help, contact him at the office, especially as it relates to the cheer rosters.

Basically the steps are similar to Title IX (and these are the exact steps for our single sex schools to follow)
  • Login to the member schools only page (currently the Red button on the main page)
  • Click the link entitled “Review/Submit your participation list for 2011-2012”
  • Click Roster Review and fix any errors. In many cases, the errors are duplicate athletes who you have edited but didn’t delete their record; prior year athletes; or other clerical errors. The one error trap we have built in to this roster review is that you must specify a gender for each athlete on your roster.
  • If you are one of the single sex schools, feel free to contact Rob Catron in our office if you are having trouble navigating the Review page.
  • Once the roster is reviewed successfully, you can click Participation List to test your output
  • Then the buttons at the bottom become live for you to print the preliminary (which you can use to print a copy or you can print one after)
  • Then you can submit.
You will not mail anything to the office, and your submit button will automatically submit the file to KHSAA. You cannot submit a paper copy as the electronic copy is required to ensure resolution of errors.

Thanks and we look forward to your May 30 report.

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