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09/19/13 – Commissioners Remarks to the 2013 Annual Meeting

September 19, 2013 Athletic Department Blog Updates


At the request of the membership, the capsule of the remarks made by the Commissioner to the 2013 Annual Meeting are contained below.

As we start this session, I would like to do something different this year. Instead of talking to you about our strategic direction, paths and the state of the association, let’s use this session for a current events update and to recognize some of our member schools, as well as catching you up on current operations.

The first thing i would like to do is to ask two of our breakout speakers to come forward.

  • For those unable to attend this morning’s sessions, let me call to the table Dan Schuster Assistant Director of the NFHS Coaching Education program to tell you a little about the NFHS coaching ed program (REMARKS BY SCHUSTER)
  • Also this morning, we were especially happy to have Kobie Baker, Associate Director, Amateurism Certification for the NCAA. (REMARKS BY BAKER)

In August of 2013, an unfortunate series of events unfolded related to a contest in the state of Utah. Please direct your attention to the video screens for a review and recap. (Roll Portillo Video)

In many cases in all sports, and in particular in some, we constantly remind our membership about the need for safety, duties of game administrators, and procedures to enforce sportsmanship. Particularly as it relates to crowd control. While we never hope something like this happens, we must take all proactive steps to prevent this type of action.

To that end, you will receive an important email tomorrow regarding post game handshakes and ceremonies. Unfortunately just this year, in Kentucky and in several other states, post game incidents have resulted in fights and other incidents occurring. The communication tomorrow will direct the following:

  • Game management is responsible for what happens after the contest is concluded.
  • Following the contests, officials are to quickly and efficiently leave the playing facility and ensure that rules mandated jurisdiction ends.
  • Officials have no role at all in what goes on in postgame, including handshakes, etc.
  • It is highly recommended that teams and individuals do not participate in organized post game handshake beyond that interaction that is required by the playing rules (i.e. the awarding of a bout winner in wrestling)
  • The coaches of the teams are responsible for the individual conduct of the members of the team following the contest and shall be held accountable for such.
  • If the decision is made to participate in some form of postgame handshake against this recommendation, it is the expressed responsibility of game management and the coaches of the teams to supervise the activity, to report to the KHSAA any incidents that occur, and the report to the KHSAA any disciplinary action taken as a result.

Personally I hate to see this change, as I think we should reinforce behavior and civility but incidents even in our own state in volleyball, soccer and football, have illustrated this need.

On the positive side of sportsmanship, we continue this year the tradition of recognizing those schools with no disqualified players or coaches. 82 of the KHSAA member schools had no ejected players or coaches. And yes, that number is greater than our number of non-soccer schools so that cannot be the only reason. Would you please stand and be recognized if you are one of those schools that received your certificate when you checked in. (CUE FOR APPLAUSE)

In March of 2012, a series of events unfolded due to the weather that severely impacted much of our state. Tornados struck a great deal of our 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th regions with a severe impact on the city of Salyersville in Magoffin County as well as their neighbors in Morgan County. Based on the actions of the individuals at Magoffin County, and subsequently their brethren at Logan County, both of these schools were chosen as the national winner of the NFHS Spirit of Sport Award, as they exemplify the very best in what athletics represents. Please turn your attention to one of the video screens for the recap of events that have transpired since that time as a result of that incident.

Please recognize the delegates from Logan County and Magoffin County, and let’s give them a round of applause.

Let me update you on two other issues. Both of these issues have taken a great deal of staff time in the last few months, as we have worked on your behalf.

The first issue relates to middle school athletics. The ARRS last Wednesday gave approval to the regulation that gave final approval to the 702 KAR 7:065. Contained in this regulation was the new section related to middle schools. The final approval is expected when the General Assembly conducts its next meeting of the Interim Joint Education Committee in October. This regulation establishes very little state control, but requires the adoption of many rules at a local level. NOTHING about these rules impact anything during the 2013-2014 school year. The Middle School Advisory Committee will hold its first meeting in late October and we will communicate to your districts when we have more information.

Are there any general questions we can address?

We have also been working extensively with the Department of Education concerning KDE and the Redbook. If you haven’t already downloaded it, be sure and go to the KDE web site and download the September 10, 2013 revisions to the documents. These questions, which guide most of the implementation, have been revised significantly recently and in most cases, the answers to key issues are different than they were when most of you went through Redbook training.

However the key we found was not something explained very well in all of the training. But it was contained in the Commissioner’s Fast Five last Friday to school superintendents. Superintendents have to make a decision about whether the funds are deposited into school accounts (traditionally called School Activity Funds) or deposited into District accounts (called District Funds). If School Activity Funds are chosen, there is no choice by to go by the Redbook regulations. However, there are different, and perhaps slightly less restrictive rules, on district accounts. But there are lots of issues, and collaboration between school and district individuals before final determinations are made.

At this point, let me turn it over to our staff to update beginning with Associate Commissioner Butch Cope.

Staff Review of Current Undertakings (Butch Cope, Mike Barren, Darren Bilberry, Angela Passafiume, Joe Angolia, Rob Catron)

Now let’s proceed by a Review of Proposals for Changes to Bylaws.

Thank you for your attention.


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