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7/5/12 – Dead Period Final Days Reminder

July 5, 2012 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This is not intended to accuse any specific school or system, but to issue a genuine reminder. All member school administrators would be well served to forward this to all of your coaches on record.

On several occasions in the last few days, we have received inquiries from individuals claiming to be parents in specific school systems, very upset that workouts were going on among team members, etc. at a time when it was supposed to be dead. A few reminders to keep all properly informed about KHSAA Bylaw 26, the Dead Period.
  1. Regardless of who is supervising, and who is using, etc., a high school facility CANNOT be used by members of the team during the dead period. Schools and teams cannot have parents for example, supervise the weight room (because the coach cannot be there). Or parents can’t supervise fall workouts and practice by team members, with or without the coach. The dead period rule has not changed and this type of activity has NEVER been permitted, but with our turnover in coaches and administrators, has been “forgotten” by several. Again, dead means dead. Facilities are SHUT DOWN through midnight this coming Monday night (July 9) to students who played on those grades 9-12 teams 
  2. Several individuals have contacted this office about “meetings”, etc. for fall sport on July 9. The dead periods extends THROUGH the end of July 9, so anything scheduled for July 9 involving student-athletes and coaches (including quasi mandatory booster meetings, etc.) are not to be held.
  3. There have been reports of schools who held tryouts and/or practices during this period. If this or other violations occurred, it would be better for all involved for the school representatives to both self report and propose remedy for the the violation.

Best of luck enjoying these last few days of summer break.

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