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1/25/21 – First Phase (T-35 Report) Open for Title IX Reporting Entry for 2020-2021 and Student Survey Administration

January 25, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The initial phase of entry for the 2020-2021 Title IX Reports, the ability to enter the financial information from 2019-20 to be entered on the 2020-2021 form T-35, is available and online at There have been only minimal changes based on the great cooperation and feedback from the membership.


There has been a continual effort to eliminate inconsistent information that has been entered on that form, and the following points are emphasized:

  • Entry for the T35 is now open. Login to and begin entry when you are ready.
  • The T35 requires you to enter 2019-2020 expense information, as it has been audited within your school and district.
  • Your previous Annual Reports can be quickly reviewed in the KHSAA School Subdomain (the login page) by clicking on the tab labeled Past Title IX Annual Reports, in case you want to review past submissions.
  • The T35 is to be entered with all KHSAA sanctioned championship sport and sport-activities being listed, as well as Lacrosse and Marksmanship (Rifle Marksmanship) information. Lacrosse is listed due to the number of schools that have reported information in the past, and Marksmanship is listed due to the survey response from the last triennial survey and the ongoing efforts to determine interest.
  • The T35 entries for Archery, Bass Fishing, Esports, and Marksmanship, are consolidated and will not be requested by gender. The VAST majority of our schools do not separate expenses in these activities by gender. Simply report category totals and enter on the form for these three activities and do not attempt to allocate or divide. 


  • Although 2020-2021 would not normally be a year for the statewide Form T61 student interest surveys, many schools have been unable to complete the survey last year due to the pandemic.
  • As a result, schools failing to complete the survey with an 80% return rate during the 2019-2020 school year were given an extension to complete the survey this school year. Because of ongoing issues from the pandemic the required return rate for the survey has been adjusted from 80% to 60%.
  • Schools that have already administered the survey last year (2019-20) or this year (2020-21) with at least a 60% return rate can compile and enter those results on Form T63 for submission if you have not done so already.
  • All members must do the survey (either in 2019-20 or 2020-21).
  • Please see for details.
  • If your school desires to have the KHSAA use its resources to conduct the survey, please contact Rob Catron on our staff for assistance at The KHSAA will be happy to manage and compile your surveys. If requested, he will be happy to create an online Survey Monkey survey that you can administer to your students.

More information regarding the completion of these reports will be forthcoming, but it is important to give the membership a head start to get the T35 data accurately entered. 



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