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02/10/15 – KHSAA State Bowling Championships This Week In Lexington

2014-2015 News Releases


The 2015 KHSAA State Bowling Championships visit Collins Eastland in Lexington this week (Feb. 12-13), with the singles championship slated for Thursday and the team competition set for Friday. The team championship matches will be streamed live at, with the girls’ team finals scheduled for 12:15 p.m., followed by the boys’ team championship at 5:15 p.m.

Thursday’s boys’ and girls’ singles competition begins with qualifying games at 10:10 a.m., as the field is trimmed to the top eight individuals. The top eight will roll three additional games, with the top four boys’ and girls’ singles advancing to the step ladder bracket, which will continue through its completion. Awards for the singles competition are tentatively scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

The girls’ team championship opens Friday’s action, with team introductions slated for 7:30 a.m. and qualifying games starting at 7:50 a.m. Following two qualifying games, each team will be seeded […]


02/09/15 – State Bowling Information

Bowling Blog Updates

Congratulations to all of the teams and singles competitors who have advanced to the KHSAA State Bowling Tournament!

  Please be sure to read this entire email as this important information is to ensure that you and your team are as prepared as possible for the upcoming week. First, please read over the information in the Postseason Tournament Instructions.   Other important links are: Team Lane assignments – Singles Lane assignments – State Tournament Schedule –   Line up cards will be due Friday at the coaches meeting.  Girl’s meeting at 7:15am and boy’s meeting at 12:45pm.  Singles coaches meeting will be at 9:15 on Thursday. or the .doc version is ont he KHSAAA bowling page under forms BW111.  Scorecards will be given out at the meetings.   *New this year – due to a new business being built in front of the bowling center, Collins Eastland has secured additional parking […]


01/13/15 – Postseason Bowling Information Updated

Bowling Blog Updates

Regional bowling information for Regional Managers and for participating schools have been posted on the bowling page of the KHSAA website.  Please review the following items to obtain the information you might need.  All items are on the bowling page at

Regional Host Managers should review the Managers Manual and schools should review the Regional Managers Listing and Postseason Team Instructions.  All of these titles can be found in links under the Regional Tournament Information and Instructions button.


The KHSAA staff routinely publishes blog posts to better communicate with its various constituencies and the public. The blogs for specific sports and sport-activities are on that sport or sport activity main page, and there are general information blogs at





11/13/14 – USBC Youth Membership Information Update

Bowling Blog Updates

The USBC made additional changes to their Youth Membership Policy.  We wanted to make sure that coaches and bowlers have the more up to date information they need to obtain proper membership.  This is optional and not a requirement. 

*Note – all questions should be directed to Brian at the USBC office.

USBC Youth Membership
High school bowlers are eligible for a USBC Youth membership during their interscholastic season. For interscholastic athletes, it is not mandatory that all members of the team be USBC members; only those who wish to hold membership must purchase the membership.
The USBC Youth Membership costs $4 and provides the following benefits:
? USBC Youth Membership card
? USBC official average (minimum of 12 games)
? Eligible to bowl in USBC certified tournaments
? Eligible to apply for all USBC scholarships
? Eligible to be nominated for the Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team
? Eligible to purchase USBC Youth Honor […]


10/07/14 – Bowling Rules Clinic is Now Available Online

Bowling Blog Updates

The mandatory online KHSAA Rules Clinic for the sport activity of Bowling is now online for all coaches (head and assistant) and licensed officials.


  • October 6 to December 14 – the Bowling Clinic will be online only and may be viewed at no charge during this period.
  • December 15 to January 18 – the Bowling Clinic will be online only and may be viewed for the makeup fee ($100) during this period.
  • January 19 to January 25 – the Bowling Clinic will be online only and may be viewed for the makeup fee ($300) per the Bylaw 27 schedule during this period.
  • After January 25, postseason penalties per Bylaw 27 will apply. For schools not entering the playoffs, additional administrative penalties will apply.


  • The presentation can be viewed on most PC or Mac desktops and laptops, along with many HTML5 enabled mobile devices and tablets (to view system […]


02/10/14 – Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Information

Bowling Blog Updates

Congratulations to all schools who had a team or individual qualify for the 2014 Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Tournaments.

There will be open lanes available for practice at Collins Eastland after 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday night for $1.50 per lane.

Teams and coaches will enter at the team check in/pass gate (far right hand entrance when facing the center from the street).  ALL COACHES and TEAMS must enter at this gate.

On Thursday (singles day) the competitors and coaches will be checked in and enter the facility first, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The coach will receive a packet with the wristbands for participants and coaches.  This will be a per player allotment. (Example – school A has two competitors, then team A will be allowed two coaches’ wristbands).  Coaches must be listed as a coach on the school page of the website and have all of the coaching requirements completed.

Any member of the team competing in the […]


02/10/14 – 2014 Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling State Championships This Week At Collins Eastland

2013-2014 News Releases


The 2014 Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling State Championships will be held this week (Feb. 13-14) at Collins Eastland in Lexington. The individual state championship will be contested on Thursday, with doors opening to the public at 9:15 a.m. The field will be pared down to the final eight boys’ and girls’ contestants through qualifying rounds, with the step bracket expected to begin shortly after 12 p.m. and the awards ceremony slated for 2:30 p.m.

Team champions will be crowned on Friday, with the boys’ team competition starting at 7:50 a.m. with qualifying rounds. The final boys’ team match is scheduled for 12:15 p.m., followed directly by the awards ceremony. The girls’ team competition will begin with qualifying rounds at 1:35 p.m. The girls’ team championship match is slated for 5:15 p.m., with the awards ceremony to follow upon completion. Doors open to the public at […]


02/06/14 – Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Update and Roster Request

Bowling Blog Updates

Congratulations to all of those schools who have thus far qualified teams or singles competitors for the Ebonite/KHSAA State Tournament next Thursday and Friday (Feb. 13 & 14).  We have 3 regions who have been delayed from their original dates due to the weather and school closings. We are hopeful that they will be able to complete their tournaments by the end of the weekend.

Schools who have qualified in the team competition (1st or 2nd place), please fill out and return to us the State Roster Form – Bowling | Kentucky High School Athletic Association. Choose this link, choose the Bowling Forms button, then choose bw111.  It is available for you in both .doc and .pdf (if you have adobe you should be able to type into the pdf).  Please list the team members that will compete at the State Tournament in the following order.  (first name, last name, jersey number and grade). […]


1/15/13 – Singles Bowlers Welcome and Bowling Regional Information

Athletic Department Blog Updates

This is important information for all schools to read as we have had an incident where a student tried to enter themselves into the postseason bowling tournament without his school’s knowledge.  With the addition of singles only entries, we have seen and continue to see more schools offer bowling.  Participation is a good thing, but with it comes responsibility and rules that need to be met.

If a school has a student that would like to participate as a singles competitor, and the school agrees to sponsor them, then the following should be observed:

A school must designate a coach.  That coach must meet all of the requirements in Bylaw 25 (including sports safety, online rules clinic, etc). If a school is adding a new coach now who needs the rules clinic, contact Angela Passafiume at with the coach’s name once the AD has entered them as a coach on your school’s page.

The school must […]


12/20/13 – Limitation of Seasons, Rosters, and Regular Season Competition Structure

Athletic Department Blog Updates

The KHSAA is excited to announce that we currently have 107 schools participating in high school bowling.  With the growth of bowling also come growing pains.  We hope that this and future communications is helpful to students, coaches and administrators involved in all aspects of the sport activity.

We know that it is very important to schools to be consistent across all KHSAA sport activities. Upon review of the competition rules of both bowling and other KHSAA activities, and due to questions we have received here at the office, we would like to share the following interpretations.  This may be different than what you have done or been told in the past.

First, Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons for sport activities is different than in the interpretation that is given to the sports.  For instance, a JV bowling team would like to participate in a tournament on February 1, 2014.  This is after the postseason begins for the […]


12/03/13 – KHSAA Partners With First String Media, For Enhanced Web Streaming Network

2013-2014 News Releases

KHSAA Partners With First String Media, For Enhanced Web Streaming Network


Through a new venture launched prior to the start of the 2013-14 season, the KHSAA has transitioned its online video broadcast network ( to an internal operation through a new partnership with First String Media and After outsourcing its championship webcasts in previous seasons, this year’s championship events will feature live video streaming and highlight packages produced internally through the new partnership. Live video streaming, archived broadcasts and highlight packages will remain free of charge through the Association’s website. will remain the exclusive home for live video streaming of KHSAA Championship events, with live championship coverage of 11 events, and post-event highlight packages provided for six other sports and sport-activities. Live video streaming will be available for a total of 41 games during the 2013-14 season through […]


10/01/13 – Bowling Clinic Available Online

Bowling Blog Updates

The Online Bowling Clinic is available online beginning today.  Please read through thoroughly as a few things have changed. First, you have a two hour time limit to complete the course.  The entire course is only about 50 minutes, but if you need to pause and return this must be within the two hour limit. Second, you must advance the slides by choosing next, the slides will not advance for you as they have in the past. Lastly, we have expanded the free period for viewing the clinic, so there will be no exceptions during the late period regarding late fees. Clinic Instructions: Remember you must be logged in to and log in with your name and your password in order to view the clinic and receive credit.  Once logged in choose “view online clinics”, then choose bowling. *NOTE – it will NOT work on an IOS device (apple, etc.) due to its use of […]


09/20/13 – Bowling Changes Regarding Start Date and Singles Entry

Athletic Department Blog Updates

Changes to the 2013-2014 bowling season:

The start to the season, for the purposes of Bylaw 23 (Limitation of Seasons), is now October 1st, which is a change from the past two years October 15th date.  This was brought to the bowling advisory committee and discussed.  We found that this would be very helpful with scheduling in many participating communities.  This is not a mandate to start earlier if the school has no need to do so, but is an option.  

After discussion and Board of Control approval, we now have the option for schools to enter singles bowlers into postseason competition.  The Board feels that this will allow additional participation by students as schools work to build a team for future team participation.  

Just as in swimming and golf, schools are now allowed to enter a singles bowler into the regional singles competition.  At this time there are no minimum regular season […]


05/7/13 – Track Realignment and Bowling Championship Site Selection Highlight May Board of Control Meeting

2012-2013 News Releases


The Board of Control conducted its final meeting of the 2012-13 academic year at the KHSAA Offices in Lexington on Tuesday. Among the items discussed, the Board of Control approved a draft for new alignment in Track and Field, selected a new site for the Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling State Championship, and approved a recommendation to elevate Assistant Commissioner Butch Cope to Associate Commissioner.

The new proposed alignment for Track and Field, which was last aligned in 2008-09, places approximately 35% of schools in Class 1A, 40% of schools in Class 2A, and the top 25% of schools in Class 3A based on enrollment figures. The new alignment was created with the aim that larger schools have an inherently higher probability of having multiple athletes in different events and should compete more among themselves (as in football), but also recognizes that many of […]


05/3/13 Bowling Update

Bowling Blog Updates

We would like to share some information with schools as we continue our work on KHSAA bowling rules and interpretations.  

The bowling advisory committee met and had some great input and discussion.  Here are the updates from that meeting and KHSAA staff discussion:

We are looking at alignment as more schools add bowling teams.  

Singles only entries are being considered, if a school is unable to sponsor a team, but can sponsor individuals in the postseason.

Moving the start of the season up to October 1st is not possible at this time without a bylaw proposal change from a school.  Nothing prohibits a school’s bowling team from practicing before the October 1 date, but there would be no catastrophic insurance in place and attendance could not be mandatory.  

Reminders and Clarifications:

The Ebonite/KHSAA State Championship will be on February 13th & 14th for 2014.  The regional window will be January 27th through February 8th.

Numbers on the […]


02/05/13 State Bowling Information for Participating Schools and Fans

Bowling Blog Updates

Come join us at the Ebonite/KHSAA State Bowling Championship on Feb. 7 & 8.

State meet information can be found on the Bowling page of the KHSAA website at:

At all times, participating teams and coaches shall enter and re-enter through the team check in gate at the entrance nearest the Strike Zone.  The main entrance will be used for paid admissions only.

Team packets will be given only to coaches only.  

The packets for Thursday singles event will contain the time table for the tournament, lane assignments, wristbands for the participating student athlete(s) and a wristband for the coach with one participant or two wristbands for coaches with two or more singles participants   Only these wristbands will be allowed pit access.  There will be no addition coaches wristbands given.  They will also include a KHSAA State Championship patch for your participant(s).

Team Packets on the Friday team cahmpionships will contain the time table for […]


02/4/13 – Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling Championships This Week; Holy Cross (Louisville) Penalized For Bylaw 10 Violation; Regionals Approaching For Wrestling, Swimming & Diving

2012-2013 News Releases


2013 Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling Championships This Week

The 2013 Ebonite/KHSAA Bowling State Championships will take place this week (Feb 7-8) at Executive Strike and Spare in Louisville. The two-day event begins Thursday, Feb. 7 with the Singles Championship. Doors open to the public at 9:15 a.m., with player introductions starting at 9:45 a.m. The field will be narrowed to the top eight individuals (boys and girls) at 12:10 p.m., with an awards ceremony scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

Friday’s Team Championship begins with team introductions at 7:30 a.m. The girls’ team qualifying games will commence at 7:50 a.m., with the final team match slated for 12:15 p.m. The boys’ team competition is scheduled to begin at 1:35 p.m., with the championship match set for 5:15 p.m.

Admission to the event is $10 per day, or $15 for a two-day pass. For more information visit the Bowling home page at



02/01/13 Ebonite/KHSAA State Tournament

Bowling Blog Updates

Ebonite/KHSAA State Championship

The singles championships will take place this Thursday, February 7th with the gates opening at 9:15 am in Louisville at the Executive Strike and Spare.  The team championship will begin with the girl’s competition on Friday morning and the boy’s competition on Friday afternoon.  Gates will open on Friday  at 7:15 am.

We are excited to announce that our sponsor Ebonite will be presenting Tommy “T.J.” Jones    as our honored guest at the championship this year.  T.J. will be available for autographs, photos, and questions beginning Thursday late morning and all day on Friday.

KHSAAtv/ihigh will be broadcasting via the web both singles championships on Thursday as well as the team championships on Friday this year –

As you know the Crowne Plaza (directly across the street from the Executive Strike and Spare bowling center) is our host hotel this year.  If you need to make reservations click on the link More

01/16/13 Bowling Post Season Information and Instructions

Bowling Blog Updates

Bowling Post Season Begins January 22

The KHSAA would like to wish all of the schools participating in bowling good luck as they prepare for the post season.  Click the link below for the post season team instructions.  These instructions include both region and the state information.  These instructions can also be found on the bowling page of the website under regional information and state information.

You should have received or be receiving shortly additional information from your regional managers regarding specifics to your regional tournaments.  Any forms you need will be included in the team instructions.

There are a few changes that will occur different from last year for the post season.  The first is a change in the stepladder portion of the singles tournament.  This year there will be a cut to 8 competitors and then a cut to 4 competitors for the stepladder.  This will occur at […]


12/6/12 USBC Honors Awards Update, Uniforms Shirts, Team Designation and Ebonite/KHSAA State Championship Hotel Reservation Information

Bowling Blog Updates

We hope that your bowling seasons are off to a good start.  With the addition of several new teams this year, we look forward to an exciting season and post season tournament.  

Our office was recently made aware that the USBC has made a change in the student athletes ability to receive honors awards when obtaining the necessary scores during a students high school league.  There is now an additional $5 charge and paperwork to be filed with the USBC in order to be eligible with a qualifying score.  Please read over the recently added links on the KHSAA website under general Information on the Bowling page for FAQs about this program and the forms needed to apply –

We have received a few inquiries about uniform shirts.  We wanted to remind you that the uniform shirts no longer require a collar.  This has been updated in the Bowling Implementation Handbook.  We do require schools […]


11/20/12 Bowling Regional Host, Alignment, and Sanctioning Updates

Bowling Blog Updates

Welcome to our new schools this 2012-13 bowling season!  We are excited to announce that we have had ten new teams show interest in adding bowling this season.  As we grow the sport activity of bowling, change will come with this growth.  We, at the KHSAA office, are working at being flexible and open-minded to change and we know that schools are doing the same.

We have received several emails asking about regional information. Please read this information carefully and let us know if there are any changes that need to be made to the regional host.  This information was taken directly from the plans turned in by schools last season.

Regional Competition dates are January 22 through February 2, 2013.

See link to KHSAA calendar for current and future reference-

Regional Host Schools for 2013 are as follows – 

Region 1 – Paducah Tilghman @ (need site)

Region 2 – Central Hardin @ Dixie-E’town Lanes

Region 3 – […]


11/12/12 Online Rules Clinic Period Extended

Bowling Blog Updates

The free period for the mandatory online bowling rules clinic is being extended until November 30.  Any coach who has taken the clinic since the deadline, and paid the $100 late fee, will be refunded.  In order for your coach to receive credit, they must first be entered by the school into the schools coaching personnel and login to the school page of the KHSAA website (  If the coach is new, they must first create a password before logging in.  Once logged in they should choose “view online rules clinics” from the menu.

The reason for the extension is the due to the late hiring of assistant coaches, and the fact that assistants are required to view the clinic being new this year.


05/06/12 Ebonite/KHSAA State Tournament Dates Set for 2012-2113

Bowling Blog Updates

After a very successful and rewarding championship in 2012, the KHSAA is excited to announce that the 2012-2013 Ebonite/KHSAA State Championship will return to Lousiville’s Executive Strike and Spare.  The singles tournament will take place on Thursday, February 7 and the team championships on Friday, February 8.

Thank to all of the regional managers, coaches statewide, and bowling centers for all of your hard work and cooperation.


04/2/12 First Ever Ebonite/KHSAA State Championship

Bowling Blog Updates

Just two short weeks ago marked the first ever bowling Ebonite/KHSAA sanctioned State Bowling Tournament for the schools in Kentucky.  It has been an exciting year for schools with 75 schools adding bowling to their school sports and activities list. 

The tournament was held at the Executive Strike and Spare Center in Louisville.  The center was a great venue for players and fans of the event.  The teams competition was the first tournament on Thursday with the boys going first in the morning.  Scott County was victorious as they defeated Fern Creek in the final match.  The girls kicked off the afternoon with the Pleasure Ridge Park Panthers wrapping up the championship against Bryan Station. 

Fridays singles tournament was just as exciting with 32 girls and 32 boys competing for the top 8 spots. Congratulations goes to Tori Doyle and Brandon Hatton, both from Scott County who took home […]


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