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8/16/12 – KHSAA Seeks Applicants for Communications Director (fka Sports Information Director)

August 16, 2012 2012-2013 News Releases


 Kentucky High School Athletic Association

Vacancy Announcement for the position of

Communications Director (fka Sports Information Director)



 The Kentucky High School Athletic Association is accepting applications for the position of Communications Director (fka Sports Information Director)


  • Work directly for the Commissioner of the Association as spokesperson and media relations coordinator.
  • Page layout for all KHSAA publications, magazines and game programs including all aspects of design and mechanical production.
  • Regularly scheduled release of information to all statewide media regarding KHSAA events, meetings, etc., including special announcements as directed by the Commissioner.
  • Oversee development and implementation of expanded strategies for the use of social media to promote the KHSAA and its activities and events.
  • Assistance with maintenance of information on KHSAA website (
  • Assist with hiring of personnel for KHSAA events to ensure proper statistics and records are maintained.
  • Coordinate credential request system for all KHSAA championship events including production/ordering of all necessary materials.
  • Supervise entry of contest results on Riherds/KHSAA scoreboard.
  • Liaison for KHSAA radio and television network personnel.
  • Maintain permanent records of results of KHSAA events, including the acquisition of records not yet in KHSAA possession.
  • Assist with ensuring fulfillment of all sponsor obligations at championships.
  • Assist appropriate executive staff personnel at each of the KHSAA championship events as directed by that staff member or the Commissioner.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Commissioner or detailed in an expanded job description upon employment.


  • Professional experience commensurate to job responsibilities.
  • Computer competency and experience using Microsoft Office® and desktop publishing software. Experience with Adobe InDesign® is preferred.
  • Accurate attention to detail in completion of projects and meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to adjust and adapt to an ever-changing media market as well as a rapidly changing organization expanding its past operations, mission and purpose.
  • Ability and desire to work in a multi-tasking, ever changing work environment.
  • Ability and desire for statewide travel that frequently extends beyond the work day.
  • Publications, radio, television or other media experience.
  • Effective communication and organizational skills necessary for working with the Association membership, media, the general public and other groups


  • A four (4) year college degree is preferred.
  • Public speaking and public/community relations experience.
  • Comprehensive understanding of social media and its use in promotions.
  • Background in education; or high school and/or collegiate administrative experience, particularly in athletics.
  • Background in media relations & sports information.
  • Experience developing/maintaining a web site or web site information.
  • High school, college, or professional sports experience.
  • Comprehensive awareness of sports statistics and records concepts, including verification of performances.


  • The office of the Association is located in Lexington, Kentucky. Significant travel within the state is required.
  • The successful candidate holding a college degree will qualify for membership in the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System and follow the hiring guidelines of background and criminal records check as required by the Kentucky Department of Education. Current or retired Kentucky
    Teacher Retirement System members must comply with all KTRS regulations. Due to currently contracted employees, the KHSAA may not hire a re-employed retiree working under the provisions and limitations of the Daily Wage Threshold for this position at
    this time.
  • The successful candidate not holding a college degree will qualify for membership in the Kentucky Employees Retirement System and follow the hiring guidelines of background and criminal records check as required by the Kentucky Department of Education. Current or retired Kentucky
    Employees Retirement System members must comply with all KERS regulations.
  • By adopted policy, the successful applicant should live in Fayette County, or a county that is contiguous with Fayette County
  • This is a full-time position, exempt from Federal and State wage and hour laws and not entitled to overtime pay.
  • Salary is set by the Board of Control (adopted salary schedule) and will be commensurate with experience as a Step III position (Director III). Applicants are given 1:1 credit for service time within KTRS / KERS.
    Other experiences will be reviewed prior to determination of service credit for application to the salary schedule. For 2012-2013 this range is $45,036 to $62,626 with a six month probationary period.
  • Benefits include fully paid individual health insurance, KTRS or KERS full match, social security and medical withholdings and full match, and annual paid sick and vacation leave including accrual of unused sick leave.


Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest, resume and include not more than four references which may be listed on the resume or included as letters of recommendation. This may be done via mail, or sent electronically to Of the references, only one such reference should be a personal reference. All references should contain contact information including day, night and cell (if available) phone numbers, and email
addresses. Within the letter of interest, applicants should detail specific experience participating in, officiating or coaching sports or sports activities.

Send all information to:

Julian Tackett, Commissioner


2280 Executive Drive

Lexington, KY 40505

 It is desired that employment start October 1, 2012, however, the start date for the successful candidate will be negotiable upon selection. Whether or not employed, it is highly desirable that the selected candidate be available for one or more days of

the 2012 Leachman/KHSAA State Golf Championships, held in Bowling Green on October 1-6, 2012. Deadline for submission of letter of interest, resume and supporting materials is September 7, 2012.

 The Kentucky High School Athletic Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex, or disability in employment, educational programs, or activities as set forth in Title IX and Title VI, and in Section 504 and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The Kentucky High School Athletic Association was organized in 1917 and is the agency designated by the Kentucky Department of Education to manage high school athletics in the Commonwealth under 702 KAR 7:065 as empowered by KRS 156.070. The Association
is a voluntary nonprofit 501 3(c) organization made up of 280 member schools both public and private. The KHSAA conducts 36 state championships in 19 sports and 4 sport-activities, licenses and supports training for over 4,000 officials, provides catastrophic
insurance for its member school student athletes as well as overseeing coaching education and sports safety programs and conducting leadership enhancement programs for interscholastic student-athletes.

 The Association office is located at 2280 Executive Drive in Lexington, KY (40505). More background information can be found about the KHSAA by visiting the KHSAA web site at

 Applications for this position from individuals not offered employment will be considered for any additional similar positions available prior to June 30, 2013 without additional re-listing or re-advertising.

 It is the mission of the KHSAA to establish, promote, and deliver the highest quality interscholastic athletic programs and activities in an efficient and progressive manner that emphasize participation, safety, sportsmanship, and integrity to enhance the educational experience of the student-athlete.


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