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07/27/14 – Reminder about Changes in Scrimmage Regulations and Playing Teams from Outside the United States

July 28, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Two changes have been made for the 2014-2015 school year. One affects preseason scrimmages and what teams can be played by the KHSAA member schools, and the second change affects foreign teams coming into Kentucky to play our member schools in any sport.

Change in Scrimmage opponents

After a  lengthy review, primarily related to scrimmages, and primarily for catastrophic insurance purposes, as well as potential issues with the liability insurance of the individual schools and districts, Kentucky teams may not scrimmage against teams that do not represent member schools. This restriction is identical to the restriction for contests and is a revised interpretation for 2014-15 that was supported in Board of Control action at the May meeting. Member schools cannot compete in scrimmages against out of state non-member schools, out of country non-school teams, local clubs, alumni groups, or any other type of non-member school team. 

Because this change is effective for the 2014-15 school year by the handbook, which is still in the process of being printed for publication online, there will be no penalty for violations in fall sports, only an institutional notice. However, beginning with the winter sports for 2014-15, the penalties for playing a non-member school will be equally applied to both scrimmages and contests. It is highly recommended, due to the risks involved, that any fall sport scrimmages currently scheduled adhere to this restriction. Nothing about this revision eliminates the ability for schools to conduct activities between non-school opponents on the school campus, but such activities may simply not be against the school team.

Change in allowable opponents from out of state and out of country

Bylaw 22 contains the requirements for opponents and scrimmages. These rules require that member schools only play against schools that are members of the home state association.

After discussion, the Board supported a proposed interpretation that, inherent in this restriction, is the requirement that all opponents be schools, for both contests and scrimmages. As in the past, play in contests is only permitted against member schools of other state associations in the United States for games played in Kentucky. The restriction, as detailed above, also applies to scrimmages beginning in 2014-15. This restriction also applies to out of state scrimmages and contests for the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball.

Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, play against teams that are NOT from the United States (including Canada and Mexico) is restricted for contests and scrimmages in Kentucky to opponents that are school teams made up solely of members from a single specific school, where none of the competitors have completed the final/terminating grade in the home country, and where the opponent is strictly a school based team and not a club, travel or professional team. The same restrictions apply to out of country travel and play in the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball. 

Member schools will be held accountable through Bylaw 27 for compliance with this restriction.

Please contact the Association staff if you have questions on any of these restrictions.



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